Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Subliminal Destruction And The Box Of Lies

What are subliminals?

Subliminal messages are messages that only your subconscious mind notices (you don't think you notice them, but you do)  

For example: 

Say you watch a coke commercial, and it has music, Say the song is something classical with no lyrics. 

So, you're watching the commercial, and the producer of the commercial has added "Buy Coke" in the background of the music very quietly and you can't hear it. Your subconscious mind will notice it and you may feel the urge to buy a coke after watching it and listening to the message. 

Where are you going with this?

Millions of people sit down and watch tv every day, we all know this and you're probably one with the tv on now, they just blank out and get zombified up with all sorts of crazy images and sounds.
Right now i'm going to tell you why Its important to avoid tv and the subconscious lies it feeds its victims as it bombardes the subconscious mind with negative thoughts and ideas that have impact on our daily lives. Over time the more and more you watch the bigger the impact is, it literally hypnotizes you into buying this and dress like that and to believe this, everyone does what the tv says everyone talks about what was on last night and yet they do not know that they have been bombarded with loads of images and sounds that only your subconscious mind picks up and all them did not see but the subconscious mind picks it up and heres the thing the subconscious mind  will believe anything you tell it so its not good having these unnatural images.

The Solution to the problem

Many people today including many scientist and others know that the mind is a beautiful and powerful thing. It can transform our lives when we learn how to work with it and program it for our beliefs and not someone elses.There are many tools out there and books to help you understand and work with with it but let me explain something else first. In this universe today that we are experiencing is vibrations we are vibrations and vibrations is energy we are energy we are one to fully understand and grasp and use these energies we must first understand how the universe works, That everything is one, all is connected that being said i'm hungry i will be coming back to this blog to finish it soon keep checking  as i shall be finishing it hopefully today thank you for reading, See you soon heres a video to help you start manifesting your desires and the first step it to be happy! :). 

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